Supreme Court Strategery

Here’s how to direct your prayers.


If the Republicans have any brains or balls (a dubious proposition), they should pressure Clarence Thomas to retire. It’s nothing personal. I love the guy for his unapologetically conservative interpretation of the law, his standing up to bullshit accusations of sexual impropriety led by Ted fucking Kennedy, and for his character; he is a completely self-made man. All that aside, he needs to take one for the team. Allegedly, he has already considered this. His wife says it’s not so, but I think she denied it to prevent liberal pressure in the event Hillary won.

If he retires, Trump can put another qualified justice on the Supreme Court, maintaining our side’s territory for years to come. He made a brilliant move with Gorsuch, a guy who went to law school with Obama and some of his closest advisors and who was appointed to the 10th Circuit Court by a unanimous vote in the Senate, including an “aye” from Barack Obama. He can do it again.

Now all we need is for Ruth Bader-Ginsburg to croak, and with some luck, Breyer too. Ginsburg is an octogenarian who has survived two forms of cancer, including pancreatic, which is exceptionally lethal. Pretty good odds for our side, I must say. Do I feel guilty about wishing death on these two? No more than I did wishing death on Iraqi insurgents who put IEDs on the roadsides when I was in Iraq. This is war.

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