Moving Against Campus Kangaroo Courts

Liberals freaking out because they are being required to honor constitutional rights.


As much as I hate CNN, I will direct you to their poorly organized anti-Trump propaganda site for this.

Georgia is taking the battle to the Left, assaulting one of their greatest citadels, academia. HR 51would take away the right of Georgia’s state universities to operate kangaroo courts to adjudicate charges of rape and sexual assault. University employees would be required to report such matters to the police, and universities would be forbidden from taking disciplinary measures until a criminal investigation is launched.

In other words, universities do not get to act as kingdoms unto themselves, and the constitutional right to face one’s accuser, to have legal representation, and to see the evidence will no longer be infringed. The article goes on to say that this may not be “best practices” for a “trauma-centered” approach to helping the victim. I call bullshit. Later, the author admits that most reports of rape on campus never end in conviction. “‘These cases with drugs and alcohol are very difficult for us to reach conclusions,’ Fulton County District Attorney Paul Howard said at the time.” Being drunk or high is not a valid defense of one’s actions in any criminal accusation, and in reality, a girl getting drunk and losing her inhibition is not rape. It’s a girl getting drunk and losing her inhibitions. There are no convictions because girls who get drunk and act like whores aren’t rape victims. The left hates that the legal system is often unwilling to convict men because a woman regrets shucking her clam when she’s three sheets to the wind, and liberals hate that. Campus courts are just a means to make the world conform to liberals’ idiotic world view.

Two points come to mind. Firstly, universities have needed to be reined in for ages. They act like private fiefdoms, ruled by unaccountable, overindulged administrations. Most ban students from keeping weapons in their housing or bringing it on campus, and many have draconian speech codes meant to stifle any critique of the rampant liberal derangement on campus. If there is any wonder why white men are the least likely group to attend college, it’s because we are smart enough not to rack up tremendous debt in order to have our rights suspended by wanna-be tin pot dictators.

Secondly, last I checked, rape was a felony. Felony investigations are handled by professional police, and trials handled by the court system. If the universities intentionally keep the legal system out of things and hold their own investigations, they are essentially practicing vigilante justice. I’m a fan of vigilantism when it’s our side getting justice against people the justice system won’t go after out of fear or convergence, but there is a justice system that handles this, and does so pretty well. If you read up on all the reported stories about black “student” athletes being accused of rape, there never seem to be any campus tribunals, which leads me to believe this is just another way for the liberal establishment to antagonize white men. Three cheers for Georgia for putting the screws to these taint lickers. Hopefully they cut off funding for sanctuary campuses next.

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