Fuck Ellis Island

Your grandparents’ memories do not dictate immigration policy in the present.


If I hear about Ellis Island one more goddamn time, I’m going to set a ferret on fire and shove it up the offender’s ass. This “nation of immigrants” bullshit has been debunked more times than I can count, but here’s a brief refresher if you find yourself having to explain it to someone who has been the victim of our public education system.

In the 1800s, we had a huge, unsettled continent over which we desired mastery. Full of untapped resources, it was inhabited by American Indians who understandably did not want us there. Settling it was grueling work, and we lacked the population to do it. So we admitted immigrants to fight the Indian Wars and carve wealth out of a wild terrain.

We also had a bunch of greedy corporate bastards, just like today. Like today, they wanted to maximize profits by paying workers less. Americans refused to do shitty jobs for shitty pay, so they flooded the labor market with cheap immigrant labor. When you have some liberal tell you that your ancestors got the opportunity to be American, remind them your ancestors were allowed in to be taken advantage of, nothing more.

Immigrants in the past, for various reasons and at various times, were either forced to assimilate completely or found it in their best interests. There was no perverse incentive to keep their old identities, and we eventually cut off the immigration spigot which in turn cut their ties to the Old World.

Immigrants nowadays are not brave. They’re fucking freeloaders, plain and simple. The West has been Won; there is affirmative action and welfare to be had for free. In the past we offered land for those with the balls to claim it. Now we offer handouts for those able to bullshit the State Department.

Lastly, opportunity is limited. If we have any unemployment, there is no reason to take immigrants, because there is already a shortage of opportunity for actual Americans. We cannot have an obligation to foreigners over our own people, or else there is no reason to want to be an American.  It just gets you on the hook for Johnny-come-latelies.

Finally, as the eminent Steve Sailer has pointed out, Emma Lazarus’ poem is shitty writing, not binding policy.

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