Dems Double Down on Stupid

And put their contempt for white normal people on full display.


The old adage “Whom the gods would destroy, they first make mad” is being beautifully demonstrated by the Democrats. In yet another unforced error, Representative Keith Ellison is looking likely to be the next chair of the DNC. You know that old rule about what to do when you find yourself in a hole? Apparently, Democrats do not.

If you are unfamiliar with Keith Ellison, he is a representative from Minnesota, the first Muslim in the House of Representatives, and an allegedly former member of the Nation of Islam with ties to Louis Farrakhan. And he is way, way to the left. How far? He endorsed Bernie over Hillary, and has in turn been endorsed by Bernie, Elizabeth Warren, and Chuck Schumer. He is far enough to the left that he won’t reply to faxes for “environmental reasons” He’s a special kind of asshole.

He is currently the frontrunner in fundraising for the position, which is a key element of the position. He also got a boost when competitor Vincent Tolliver was booted from the race after saying that Ellison’s status as a Muslim and his accompanying views on homosexuals were disqualifiers for him to lead the party.

The Dems lost because they alienated white working-class people and white people in general. They have decided to double down on the dumbassery that cost them the election. We couldn’t do this kind of damage to them if we tried.

The bubble in which these morons exist keeps them from acknowledging reality. It’s like the Republicans’ idiotic postmortem after the 2012 election. Do they think removing a white Southerner from leadership in favor of a black Muslim is going to help them in the demographics they lost in bigly? Does stressing liberal social amorality draw in middle class voters who are being hammered by taxes and insurance premiums? Do they realize that all the people who were unsure about Trump and stayed home because of their uncertainty might get on board after four years of him doing an awesome job? Are they counting on a demographic bomb whose fuse is at a minimum going to be delayed? Fortunately for us, the Dems would rather virtue signal and indulge their hate for us than do anything remotely resembling sanity.

Make some popcorn and enjoy the freak show.

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