Panic Produces Unforced Errors

Stunned Dems are making childish mistakes.


Dems have never really been in the position in which they now find themselves: helpless.

Their childish belief system coupled with their lengthy cultural dominance has left them unprepared for the position they are in. In the last week, they have made two major, unforced errors. The first was announcing self-righteously to oppose and filibuster anyone Trump nominated to the Supreme Court. Showing signs of compromise might have encouraged him to nominate a less conservative justice (unlikely as Trump is a man of his word, but the best hand they could play). By refusing to consider anyone, Trump had nothing to lose by going with a solid conservative nominee.

Secondly, they refused to come to a meeting of the Finance Committee, chaired by Orin Hatch (RINO-UT). This was in an attempt to hold up two of Trump’s nominees. Hatch is a squishy little bitch who wanted to let the Dems keep the filibuster. They showed him the wages his civility earns, giving him no incentive to maintain that position. The filibuster could be a goner, meaning Gorsuch will be seated, Trump’s nominees are a go, and the Dems have no way of stopping Trump from ramming his legislative dick down their throats.

When your opponent is on the ropes, keep him there. When he’s off balance, give him a shove. I would wager that we can expect at least one more controversial bill and several more significant executive actions before Friday.

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