Liberals Don’t Know What is Hitting Them

Trump has completely flipped the script on the Left and their cuckservative enablers.


Many are still in denial about the sea changes wrought in Washington by the Golden Don. By many, I mean the talking heads and mainstream media outlets, who failed miserably in predicting his primary win and his resounding defeat of Hillary Clinton in the general election. Make no mistake, he has completely changed the way the game has been played in Washington since 1989.

William F. Buckley was famous for saying that National Review’s mission was to “stand athwart history, yelling ‘stop!’” In reality, the Conservative movement he helped found did little more than timidly say “slow down!” The Conservative movement essentially threw in the towel on the most serious issues in the culture war, especially immigration. The last thirty years have been a slow, painful surrender, with the so-called conservatives essentially ceding the moral high ground to the leftists. Their chief complaint was that liberals were irresponsible, not that they were wrong. Liberals moved too fast; they used courts instead of the legislatures; they spent too much; they ignored traditional republican ways of doing things. Half-assed complaints from people who were just there to collect a taxpayer-funded paycheck. We even called the Republicans the Stupid Party and took it as a given that most intelligent people were left-of-center.

Enter the Golden Don. He is a gut-level conservative, not a doctrinaire movement type. Remember his answer about what it means to be a conservative? A conservative conserves the country. He wasn’t worried about procedure or government tradition. He was not sent to uphold the old order, but to destroy it. After years of dealing with the most cutthroat, sociopathic business executives and corrupt, underhanded politicians, Washington, D.C. must seem like amateur hour to him. Defy him? Fired. All talk and no action? Shut up. Senate tradition? Chuck it. Liberals whine? Fuck it. The usual cries of racism, sexism, Islamophobia, xenophobia, and “that’s not who we are” aren’t working. Chuck Schumer’s vaunted intelligence has been shown to be an illusion. He looked smart when he was dealing with slack-jawed robots like Marco Rubio and weak-wristed nancy boys like Mitch McConnell. When opposed by a man with a plan and a set of balls, he has been left sputtering and pointing. He woke up the other day to find that the septuagenarian president had already been awake mocking him hours before. A friendly reminder to the Left:

If you didn’t want to play by these rules, you shouldn’t have played by these rules.

The script has been flipped. The Left is finally being forced to defend its positions and its allegations, and it can’t. Years of never having to do so have left them unprepared, and the long-awaited day of reckoning whereby they have to make a moral case for their insane, amoral views has arrived.

Welcome to the Age of Trump.

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