Leftists are Religious Zealots

The Left projects its own bullshit. Acknowledge and proceed accordingly.



One of the common themes to which left wing fucktards love to cleave is that we on the right are a bunch of religious zealots who are responsible for every crime against humanity throughout the course of history. This is just flat out fucking ridiculous, so let’s unpack their bullshit step by step. By the time we finish, you’ll see who the real religious nutjobs are.

First, you would have to accept their premise that everything they say is an atrocity was in fact an atrocity. As soon as you question this aspect of their argument, their position becomes largely untenable. Most of their examples, when viewed through a Western moral lens, demonstrate exactly the opposite of what they argue.

Take for example the Crusades. The Left routinely describes them as an example of Christian bigotry and how all religion leads to violence. I call bullshit.

Islam was born in blood and has remained awash in it ever since the illiterate pedophile  Muhammed ripped off Jewish and Christian teachings in an attempt to pull his tribe of inbred camel fuckers out of the Stone Age. When Pope Urban II called for the First Crusade in 1095, Islamic kiddie-fuckers had been ravaging Europe for four centuries. The Crusades, at their core, were a greatly delayed response to Muslim aggression against the West. As an aside, libtards like to tell us that Islam was far more scientifically advanced and civilized than the West at the time. This is largely untrue, and was the result of conquering advanced civilizations such as the Persians and Byzantines, the siege of the latter being what precipitated Western Europeans from marching on Jerusalem. If Islam really was wealthier, more advanced, and more civilized, than a Western war against them was hardly an act of Western colonialism as femfags often like to portray it.

Columbus and the American Indians is another one. While enslaving the Arawaks was obviously wrong, it wasn’t out of the ordinary for any people on the planet to do so at the time. Charges of genocide are a crock. There was no germ theory, and no one knew how diseases spread. American Indians had no resistance because they had no exposure to the rest of the world. The only way to have prevented them from catching Old World diseases would have been to keep them isolated until modern times when vaccines had been invented, or to have been gradually exposed earlier in history. Maybe if they hadn’t kicked out the Vikings who settled in Newfoundland, they could have been part of the world trade network the Vikings set up, and would have built up antibodies. Seems their intolerance of the Vikings led to their downfall.

I can go on and on with this, from topics ranging from the conquest of the Aztecs to the interment of the Japanese in World War II, but you get the drift. Liberals only really get offended by white men acting like white men instead of sniveling, supplicating beta bitches. If a white guy or a gathering of white guys take charge, take action, or stand up for himself or themselves, be sure that leftwing pussies will object.

Now, let’s examine some historical wrongdoings and see who was really behind them. It was mainly holier-than-thou types who burned witches at the stake. It was the Progressives who tried to convert Indians to Christianity (among Catholics in the 1600s and 1700s, it was the radically left-wing Jesuits who did the missionary work) and set up things like the Carlisle School in an attempt to completely eradicate their culture. (Note that well before the 20th century, Progressives were using schools as a means of social control and cultural eradication; the red man was a test run for the white man.) Forced sterilization? The Holodomor? Let’s not forget that that Nazis were socialists, and that Communists killed somewhere in the neighborhood of 70 to 100 million people in the 20th century alone.

There’s a reason we on the Alt-Right call them the Cathedral. A Lefty’s personality contains at least two distinct features. Firstly, they are hive creatures who must constantly virtue signal to identify themselves as the faithful so as to maintain their safety in numbers and avoid the wrath people higher up the liberal social ladder. Secondly, they insist on having answers to everything, and they lash out at anything that threatens their sense of order. It’s the personality of timid lemmings. It’s the same animating energy that burned people as heretics for daring to point out inconsistencies in Catholic doctrine in the Middle Ages. It burned witches in Salem. It worked the guillotines during the French Revolution. It has burned books, imprisoned dissidents, and executed those with the strength to stand up to it. And now it turns its fury on us.

Time for us to smash the windows on their Cathedral and burn it the fuck down.

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