Setting the Rules of Engagement

Don’t let the enemy frame the debate.


Setting the Rules of Engagement

Some friends and I were discussing the recent jackassery at our nation’s airports, most notably the assault of a lone Trump supporter in Portland. The whole time these cowardly women’s studies majors were beating the poor bastard, they chanted “peaceful protest!” One of my compatriots pointed out that to the left wingers this was a moral victory, but if we fight back it’s white supremacy.

My response was that this is only the case if we allow the Left to define morality. For years, the failed conservative movement has accepted liberal moral premises and only argued over degree and velocity. This is precisely why the Conservative movement failed to conserve anything.

Always remember, the Left is completely devoid of any real morality. It only understands, and craves, power. The most the left has ever been able to do in terms of morality is mirror actual morality and apply Alinskyite pressure on normal people to adhere to our own principles, while warping those principles into things they were never meant to mean. Not only does the Left lack any sort of actual morality, it is completely devoid of logic in its reasoning. Its entire moral universe is nothing but contradictions.

To leftists, a black drug lord in Harlem has less advantage than an out-of-work white coal miner in Appalachia. Every man is a potential rapist, unless he puts on a skirt, in which case he can totally be trusted in a public restroom with your eight-year-old daughter. College campuses are hotbeds of rape, but it’s important that more women go to college than men. The reason for such logical fallacies is the underlying principle of all Leftist thought:

The West is Evil and Must be Destroyed.

That is the only real moral imperative of the Left. Therefore, since they have no morality and faulty logic, they are unfit to set any terms of debate. So don’t let them. Don’t use their vocabulary. Don’t give their ideas credence. Don’t pay attention to their faux outrage. Ignore their media outlets and look to Breitbart, Drudge, and the Daily Caller for news, even for mundane matters. Look to our intellectuals for interpretations of history and science. Don’t debate hard leftists; the time for talk is over. Red Pill people you know on the fence, but don’t indulge mouthbreathing leftwing pussies in discussion. And for fuck’s sake, if they threaten violence, you deliver it. Even if you are surrounded by a femfag battalion, throw punches and make them pay for having the audacity to threaten you.

Their time setting the tone for this country is over. Make sure they know it.

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