On the Ability of a Society to Change Rapidly and/or Reverse Course

Societies can change course rapidly, for good or for ill. History gives us hope – and warnings.


Some people think we are crazy to worry about ultra-Lefties taking over the government and slaughtering right-wingers and other dissidents en masse. Not here, they claim. Not in America. This is just wishful thinking. It can happen anywhere, and indeed, radical, widespread, relatively sudden violence by the state against its own people has happened all over the world. No race, nationality, or religion is free of such behavior, though in the last century the majority of it was carried out in an expressly nonreligious fashion. This type of violence often follows on the heels of radical shifts in culture and governance. The bad news is that we are going through just such a period of social upheaval and political shuffling, and by the same type of people responsible for most of the mass slaughters of the past century. The good news is, this is entirely avoidable and the types of regimes who do such things typically do not have a lot of staying power.

When we consider genocides and mass murder by government, we most often think of the events of the twentieth century. Stalin’s gulags, Hitler’s concentration camps, Mao’s purges, Pol Pot’s “reeducation,” and so on. Libtards are more likely to think of the Trail of Tears. We often forget incidents from the more distant past. This is in part due to our shitty collective memory, our third-rate historical education, and the fact that people rarely bring up these instances because they do not fit a narrative. Consider the Albigensian Crusade in France, or the horrific crimes committed against the South by the Union army. Governments are more than capable of executing violence against their own people on a mass scale when those in power find a portion of the population too difficult to govern, or sufficiently different from them in values, lifestyle, or ethnicity. This occurs when government has different goals than the people, and/or when government is occupied by hostile forces that differ from the people. Sometimes, alien populations are able to take control of the government either directly or by proxy. In such cases, they use the government’s monopoly on violence to subdue the elements of the population hostile to their agenda.

With that in mind, keep in mind that massive societal changes can occur rapidly. The abolitionist movement picked up steam rapidly, with the Civil War occurring barely a decade after the Missouri Compromise and less than a decade after Bleeding Kansas. Tehran was once the “Paris of the Middle East,” with Iranian women going to university and wearing mini skirts. The Shah was overthrown and the mullahs swept all that away in rapid fashion. Hitler and the Nazis came to power in 1933, and never even got half of the popular vote (though they did get a plurality). By 1939, the groundwork for the Holocaust was in place, the T4 Program was underway, and German tanks were rolling into Poland and France. Twenty years ago, the concept of gay marriage was foreign even to homosexuals; many did not just think it was impossible, they did not even want it. The entire definition of marriage changed in that time. In perhaps the example most relevant to us, The Turks swept away Sharia at a rapid clip under Ataturk, only to see it return under Erdogan. Massive societal change can happen in the blink of an eye.

Many people are also content to let society go to hell in a hand basket because they think it is too far gone. This is wishful thinking as well, the wishful thinking of the lazy and the yellow-bellied. Just as there was massive upheaval in the 1960s that created sweeping changes in terms of social programs and attitudes, a similar wave could occur that reverses it. Indeed, there are indicators that we in the early stages of such a renaissance, but we may be too close to it to recognize it. Be ready, because when things reach critical mass there will not be time to stock up on ammo or build a network; these things have to be ready to go so that kids’ textbooks are authored by our people, and talk about how America regained its soul from the precipice of evil.

High Stakes in Iowa

The Left has everything riding on defeating Iowa’s tough new abortion law, whether they realize it or not.

As those who follow the news are probably aware, Iowa recently passed and its governor signed into law a bill that greatly restricts the window of opportunity for abortions. It is being hailed as the law that may force Roe v. Wade to be overturned, and this is no overstatement. It very well might. This is not just because public opinion has steadily shifted in favor of restricting abortion or because Neil Gorsuch is on the Supreme Court (though those help). It is because unlike the mountain of bullshit on which Roe is based, this law is actually based on science.
The original decision was based on basic medical knowledge of 1973, and so made abortion completely legal in the first trimester. The Iowa law makes abortion illegal as soon as a heartbeat can be detected, which is around six weeks of pregnancy. As science has improved, people’s opinions on abortion changed. Defenders of baby whacking like to point out that it was not even a legal issue before the 1800s, and always neglect to point out why that was. Part of it was that the culture insisted on marriage when a woman became pregnant, but another aspect was that medical experts before the 1800s thought children were inanimate lumps before quickenings were felt. When they began to realize that children were children and resembled miniature humans well before movements were detected, they changed their minds. Imagine that – changing one’s mind based on evidence.
Fast forward to the present. Science shows us that unborn children have their own DNA (not even known to exist before Crick and Watson); that hearts are formed and beat by six weeks’ development; and that children often have different blood types than their mothers. This is just to name a few of the amazing developments we have observed in the last few decades. On top of that, this is not 1973; we have seen the end result of the Left’s disgusting social reprogramming. The cultural momentum is slipping away from the Left. That does not mean it is automatically headed our way, just that the Left does not control the narrative, and the “arc of history” is not bending toward their devil-designed future. They have a LOT riding on this law’s defeat.
If they lose and this law takes effect, many more states will outlaw abortion or essentially neuter it. This will be the most massive defeat they have suffered in the culture war since Trump was elected, and almost as huge. To compound it, they will also lose their completely undeserved “party of science” reputation. What will they say when our side points out that unborn children have beating hearts at six weeks’ development? That they do not count as living because they cannot breathe on their own? That their separate, distinct DNA does not matter? Will they fall back on that old standby that doctors do not agree when life begins? There is no science that gets around the fact that a fertilized egg is a distinct life form in a distinct state of development that if left alone will develop into a fully viable person. No argument they make will look like anything other than a desperate attempt to grant immunity to irresponsibility, and an inordinate amount of power to liberal women.
But fight they must. If they let it stand, they are giving up without a fight, though it does deprive us of victory. But do not fear; they will fight. They are sure they can win. They still do not realize that the rules changed in November of 2016, and they cannot count on the courts to swoop in and save them from common sense and morality.
On the other hand, making baby murder illegal typically means more Democrat voters, so don’t get too excited. Personally, I think this is an issue better addressed after we have crushed our enemies and let the winds of time sweep away their rotting dust.

Pedophiles on Parade

Do they even care who knows anymore?

Public service announcement: DO NOT take your kids to see Show Dogs. Not unless you are trying to groom them for pedophiles.
The plot is that an undercover police dog must infiltrate a dog show to catch the bad guy. There is a scene in which the police dog is told that part of the show involves having his genitals inspected and fondled. He is uncomfortable with it, and when he expresses his discomfort, he is told it is unavoidable and that he should go to this Zen place. Yes, this is really in a kids movie.
As much as I love dogs, I do not like dog shows. I have no real knowledge of them. But some quick research as well as this piece from PJ Media clearly show that most dog shows do not even inspect dogs’ genitals, and when they do, there is no touching at all. Anyone who knows dogs at all is aware that even your own pet does not like to be touched on the genitals. Even the friendliest dog may bark or bite if you touch its bits. This demonstrates two key points. Firstly, this scene is not accurate and therefore its inclusion has no basis. Secondly, the non-apology given by the movie’s producers contains lies,which makes their motives suspect.
Here, have a gander yourself. The studio, Global Road (sounds like a New World Order front) issued a statement stating “It has come to our attention that there have been online discussion and concern about a particular scene in Show Dogs, a family comedy that is rated PG. The dog show judging in this film is depicted completely accurately as done at shows around the world; and was performed by professional and highly respected dog show judges. Global Road Entertainment and the filmmakers are saddened and apologize to any parent who feels the scene sends a message other than a comedic moment in the film, with no hidden or ulterior meaning, but respect their right to react to any piece of content.”
Notice the level of bullshit in this apology. First, there is an appeal to authority. They bring up that the movie is rated PG. Rated by whom? Hollyweird types. Compare what gets a a G or PG rating now with what garnered such rankings in the 80s; it’s a world of difference. Hollywood standards for decency are a far cry from most of the public’s standards. Besides, this is not an apology. They say they are sorry that people felt a certain way. They take no responsibility for their actions, and refuse to admit that even if they did not intend the scene to be taken as it has been that there is a good reason that it is interpreted as pedophile grooming. 
If you have paid any attention to anything for the last few decades, you know that Hollywood is a pedophile’s playground, a veritable Graceland for degenerates who like to rape children. Besides, there is absolutely nothing funny about getting one’s genitals groped and judged. It’s weird. There is no other normal, morally sound way to look at it. That a team of animators created this without sounding the alarm, that Ludacris voiced the scene without complaint, and the editors, director, and producers all gave it the green light should be deeply troubling to any sane person. The fact that they will not admit that the scene can logically be construed as pedophile grooming screams that they are trying to cover for the fact that it is absolutely pedophile grooming.
These fuckers are not even trying to hide their perversity. I see three possibilities as to why that is. They are either so confident that they can get away with it that they do not try to hide it, they feel the noose tightening and are desperate to make a play, or they know that we know and no longer see the point in being coy. I personally think it’s a combination of the first and third. They figure that our side is aware of their true nature, but that we are unable to stop them. They not only see no point in hiding, but actively want us to see them coming after us. They want us to know that they are after our children. A decade ago, my words would have sounded like the ramblings of a mad man. Today, following the revelations of Harvey Weinstein, Matt Lauer, and countless other media big shots who have gotten away with repulsive behavior for years, to not believe this makes one mad. 
Remember the words of Jesus, in Matthew 18:6: “But whoever causes one of these little ones who believe in me to sin, it would be better for him to have a great millstone fastened around his neck and to be drowned in the depths of the sea.”
Update: Since I wrote this, they have recut the movie to eliminate the scene in question. I still recommend not seeing it and boycotting the studio entirely. That they tried to appease the public does not make them any less sinister.


Trump’s effectiveness highlights that we are a culture that has been mismanaged by dorks.

Perennial pussy David Brooks makes a good point in his recent column: Trump’s background is much more conducive to creating an effective foreign policy than the fucktardery that passes for intellect commonly found among our foreign policy “elite.” He actually puts it very succinctly when he says “The world is a lot more like the Atlantic City real estate market than the G.R.E.s.” There is a lot more in this statement than meets the eye.
Steve Sailer once wrote, and I have previously discussed, that our present era is one in which the geeks have inherited the Earth. We defer to policy wonks on everything, our government is bloated with so-called experts, and our economy is dominated by tech geeks. Indeed, theirs is one of the few fields that still pays well and is hiring. The idea that the captain of the football team will be the most likely to succeed is a thing of the past. Now, it’s the dorky kid with the inhaler who asked the teachers about academic minutiae. The belief was that people with the most knowledge would inherently be the best at fields requiring intellect and deliberation, and that leadership and expertise could be taught in a classroom. This is the core of our modern educational system. And go figure, it’s absolute bullshit.
As John Taylor Gatto, a guy who was twice voted Teacher of the Year in New York City has pointed out, the most important aspects of education do not occur in the classroom. Memorizing facts is pointless if you lack the critical thinking skills to do something with them. Knowing how to approach something scientifically is pointless if you lack the balls to accept truth when you discover it. You can study engines all day long, but until you work on one, your knowledge is academic, and hence about as useful as ammo that’s out of reach.
The idea that we could take a bunch of apple polishers and turn them into leaders, foreign policy warriors, and captains of industry is insane. Granted, you need education and knowledge to succeed, but you need practical experience, balls, daring-do, drive, ambition, and character (good or bad, depending on your goals). Those cannot be gleaned from a book or taught in a classroom. Our years of foreign policy failure are the result of this. But the rot does not stop in our bureaucracy. It extends into ever part of the culture, as these smug little pricks have reveled in their unearned success and rapidly diminishing and equally unearned reputations.
Think of commercials, television shows, movies, schools – basically every cultural arena. The cool, with-it characters are usually academics, brainiacs, and hipsters. They eat soy-based shit, quinoa, and avocado-pomegranate slop. They are often portrayed kayaking, hiking, rock climbing, hitting the gym or mountain biking as proof that they are athletic and tough. Never playing football or baseball or doing martial arts, though; those are for working class people who are supposed to go get their balls blown off based on the poorly gathered and even more poorly analyzed intel our heroes have put together while taking time out from virtue signalling on Instagram. Somehow, we allowed ourselves as a society to be convinced that people more comfortable in an office than a battlefield, more interested in leisure activities that they can do alone than cooperative contact sports, and more interested in perception than substance, would somehow make effective leaders in terms of war, policy, and morality.
They lack the noblesse oblige or previous generations. At least, when it comes to their own people. They love to virtue signal by donating their time and resources to foreigners and domestic minorities. It’s the ultimate “fuck you” to the people they have hated for years: the jocks, the playboys, the workers, the scrappers, the guys who hunt, fish, and used to enjoy a good football game, and the women who cheered them on, cooked their catch, and swooned for their charms. They resent such men and women for being tough, brave, authentic, attractive, and willing to call a spade a spade. Why do you think antifa types always are gangly, enraged douchebags or fat chicks? They hate the natural order of things, and so they attack it with abandon. They know they have a better shot at faking intellect with lame credentials than suddenly becoming tough, innovative, or of good character.
Trump’s brass balled, nerves-of-steel approach to the presidency is having a YUGE number of positive results, but perhaps the most important is that he is forcing people, indeed, the entire system, to show true colors. Failures are exposed, corruption is exposed, people who love America but have been afraid to say so are coming out, and the depth of rot in our cultural institutions is on display for all to see. We are reentering the Second Age of Alpha.

Avenatti and Company Too Clever by Half

Professional liar Michael Avenatti claims that he has evidence that Trump’s attorney Michael Cohen took $500K in payments from a Russian oligarch, and that these funds were used to pay Stormy Daniels. In his attempt to frame the President, the rotten little cocksucker went too far and exposed this as complete bullshit. Here are three reasons he is completely full of shit.

First, it is already accepted knowledge that Trump reimbursed Cohen for the payment to Stormy Daniels. With this in mind, the idea that some Ruskie paid her off is nonsense. Besides, lots of big players paid Cohen with deposits into this account, including AT&T. Sounds like it is just a general account, not a special one just for paying off cock receptacles. Makes me think the whole thing is bullshit.

Second, how the fuck did he get Cohen’s bank records before discovery? He is not law enforcement. He should not have any access to Cohen’s bank records. If he does have them, he obtained them illegally, which would make them inadmissible and opens Avenatti to possible criminal charges. The Golden Don should definitely look into it. The only legal way I can think of is via a FOIA request, but I believe you cannot do so with pending investigations. I could be wrong as I am not an attorney, and even if it is illegal or unprecedented, I doubt it would stop the Deep State from torpedoing our president.

Third, what does Stormy Daniels have to do with Russia’s alleged election tampering? Nothing. So why would a Russian oligarch be giving Cohen money to pay her off, after the fact? The payment had been made before the election, the alleged Russian money came after. Even if Trump wanted to shut her up to stop the bleeding during the campaign, the fact that he banged a skank has no relation to phony Russian collusion. The fact that Avenatti is relating the two makes it obvious that he is either working with the Deep State higher ups and the Dems to take out the Golden Don, or he is trying to attach himself to the narrative to get some sort of guilt-by-association racket going. Either way, flagrant lying is proof of several degenerate ambitions, like extortion and angling for future political office. Want to bet that Avenatti is cooperating with Dems in exchange for backing him for office when this is over?

On a related note, the whore is saying that she was forced into silence via an agreement that was not valid. She took the money, didn’t she? Did she think it was sponsor-a-slut day at the Cohen firm? She took the money, which if I am not mistaken, constitutes an implied contract even if the paperwork was incorrect.

As Liz Sheld has pointed out, lawyers are expensive, and this prick is working around the clock. He is constantly on television, including Real Time with Bill Maher. If professional cocksucker Stormy Daniels only got slightly over $100,000 in hush money, how can she afford to pay amateur cocksucker Michael Avenatti? This is not worth what it’s costing her, which means someone else is paying for it, someone to whom the outcome is worth more than a hundred thousand dollars. If I were a gambler, I would put my money on either George Soros, a dirty Clinton charity, or some combination thereof.

Regardless, this is bullshit.

The Left and Eugenics

They’ve been friends for a long time.

The left loves eugenics. Do not let them fool you. As I have pointed out before, and as Morrissey as recently said, Hitler was Left Wing. He was a socialist. And he based many of his programs on ideas originated in the United States and the United Kingdom. The Supreme Court ruled in Buck v. Bell that the government had the right to determine who was unfit to breed and sterilize them, with Chief Justice Oliver Wendell Holmes stating int he 8-to-1 majority ruling that “three generations of imbeciles is enough.” This was at a time when the Really Smart People were trying to use what passed for cutting edge science back then to redesign society. Granted, Buck v. Bell happened after the Progressive Era was over, but it was the brainchild of progressives, as was Planned Parenthood.

That is the liberal approach to everything. It’s petty dictatorship, with people who have no business managing anything attempting to manage the lives of millions. The approach of the Right is vastly different. I don’t know very many people who are on the right, even the most hardcore, who opposed allowing people to mate as they see fit. We certainly opposed subsidizing it, but that is not the same thing as having the government determine someone’s value. While we would certainly like to see immigrants and their progeny expelled from the country, because they have to go back, when it comes to our own people, we would take the approach of letting the chips fall where they will. A man who is not interested in rearing children or who is incapable of wooing a woman will not reproduce. A woman who lacks feminine wiles or who is too career-oriented or psychotic to attract a man will not have children. That’s just nature. But that is not because the government put a jackboot on his junk and kept him from reproducing. Allowing individuals to decide with whom they mate and how many children they have is freedom. That freedom is necessary for a civil society, and it can only exist in the presence of a moral belief system and the absence of an overly intrusive artificial selection system.

What do I mean? I mean that without a moral framework that is aimed at providing the best outcome for children, reproduction will be skewed and society will return to a feral state. To see what I mean, make a genealogy table in the ghetto. Children are raised by people with low IQs who never stop to think that sex could lead to pregnancy and childrearing is a longterm commitment that involves putting someone else’s needs above yours. This lack of intelligence and compounding lack of moral structure is partly what leads to so many out-of-wedlock births and families of six headed by a woman under thirty-five whose kids all have different last names. Which leads to the second point, artificial selection.

In poor areas, regardless of the race of the inhabitants, children are often seen as cash machines and fathers as wholly unnecessary to successful childrearing. This is the direct result of our hideous welfare system, which has taken the place of fathers and made children sources of revenue. This is immoral for what it does to the resultant children, for what it does to the marginalized fathers, for what it does to society as a whole by defacto drafting people and institutions into fixing the mess, and what it does to the white folks footing the bill. The artificial selection factors destroyed the moral and social structure that existed to a large degree among blacks and is doing so among Whites as well. I remember reading an article by a black author at Return of Kings a few years ago in which he said, I believe accurately, that if you want to see what it will be like for Whites in ten years, look at how it is for blacks now. Don’t think that just because we evolved for millennia to favor strong nuclear families and hard work that we are immune to this shit.

Whether all of this was intended or not, the Left has been trying to turn Western society into an ant colony for over a hundred years. They thought the Smart People could plan everything, from farm production to factory production to reproduction, better than free people making their own decisions. When called on it, they will talk about vaccines, the Eisenhower interstate, the Manhattan project, the GI Bill, and the Civil Rights Act as evidence to the contrary. This is all nonsense at best and credit-grabbing at worst. More accurately, liberals touting the success of their social programs is like BP and Exxon bragging about how much oil they’ve cleaned up.

Remember, no matter how much they try to badger you into thinking you are somehow immoral for passing judgment, limiting reproductive “freedom,” or being selfish for reproducing, they are evil. They have zero problem with taking from people the thing we most desire as a species, to reproduce. They have no problem destroying families and all the misery that ensues for their own preening. They have no issue with fifty million children born as ghosts. Like I said, E-V-I-L.