Why Liberals Rape

What makes liberals rape is related to what makes them Lefties to begin with.


This is an older post that should have gone up months ago. Still relevant, of course. 

My oh my, lots of Hollywood and Broadway’s social justice warriors are getting busted for being rapists, perverts, and creepers. I will not be surprised if a few cuck conservatives end up on the roster of those fallen from grace, but I seriously doubt there will be many men on the right caught up in it. Why? Because real men are inherently on the right, and real men have game. And game, for the uninitiated, means you do not get caught up raping, harassing, and being a creep, because you know how to handle yourself.

Think of these libtards. Harvey Weinstein, Joss Whedon, Matt Lauer, Al Franken. They are all pussy liberals who have no idea how women actually think, feel, and function. Consequently, before getting famous, getting laid was probably something they did only when Haley’s Comet came around. So when they got into positions of power where they could get away with tons of disgusting behavior, they reacted like little weaklings always react, with greed, savagery, vengefulness, and reckless abandon.

They were so used to getting nowhere with women that they just took what they felt they were entitled to have based on their wealth, prestige, and position. They whined like petulant children when they did not get it (listen to the video of Harvey Weinstein or the details of Al Franken’s assaults and you’ll see what I mean). Weak, worthless men think of sex with women like they do everything else: if they are not getting it, it’s because something is not fair.

Of course, nothing could be farther from the truth. Men love a high notch count in the sex department. But every notch, for most women, represents a real sacrifice. Women, even after decades of leftist brainwashing, are still inherently selective about who gets access to their most precious commodities, which is to say their bodies as instruments of sex. Outside of a marriage contract, nobody is entitled to that. It has to be earned. Some may use charm and good looks, some may use power and prestige on women who are climbers and gold diggers, but regardless, no man is entitled to sex just because he is sucking air.

Contrast these losers with real men, men with game. If you study any of the various Pick-Up Artists (PUA), like Mystery, Roissy, or Roosh, there are two key lessons you will learn early: escalation and how to handle rejection. The former boils down to not sticking a turkey in the oven until you’ve preheated it. You don’t just grab a woman and force yourself on her. You woo her. You do not need to hurry. Read some of their stuff. They rarely talk about sleeping with a woman the day they meet her or on a first date. There is no rush. It’s not about just getting laid. It’s about the process and actually enjoying a woman’s company. Modern men with game are as close to traditional courtship as it gets these days.

The second lesson is about rejection. The most alpha of men gets shot down sometimes. Let’s say a guy is making out with a woman and he puts his hand on her rear end, breasts, or inner thighs. Without a word, she slides his hand back up to a less-sensitive position. Guys like Weinstein would get angry. A man who knows game just goes with it. It means she is not ready for that, and you respect the boundaries she sets. It’s her body, she’s the one with something to lose by granting access, so you move on her schedule. Simple. Fair. Right. Moral. Of course, all of those terms are completely alien to the leftists who have been called out for their rapey behavior of late.

So if you wanted to know why you pretty much never hear credible allegations of rape or harassment against alt-right figures and a torrent of them against leftists, that’s why. Real men do not need to rape and harass because real men know how to achieve sexual ends through above-board means. And real men live on the Right. 

A Name That Says it All

One thing I have noticed, in all walks of life, is that many things do not have a proper name. Sometimes we just don’t have the words for what we’re trying to say. The alt right is no exception.

We have lots of names for enemies. We can call them libtard, lefties, liberals, social justice Warriors (SJW s), and a Litany of other descriptive soul shiving monikers. But what about us? The term conservative does not really work. It is too closely associated with the absolutely failed conservative movement that started in the sixties and failed to conserve much of anything. We are not Libertarians, and nationalist is not quite some up where we stand either. So I propose a new term: Hesperian.

This comes from the Greek word for the West. We are inherently pro-western. At various times in the history of our people, we’ve lived under monarchies, constitutional monarchies, parliamentary democracies, Republics, dictatorships, aristocracies, and oligarchies. Through all of that though we have been the men and women of the West. Identity has not changed. Despite repeated attempts throughout history, despite numerous attempts by swarthy hordes, we have resisted conquest. This term reflects our shared Western Heritage and broadly defines the entire movement occurring on both sides of the Atlantic. Correspondingly, we can refer to our enemies as hesperaphobic, because they truly fear all that the West was, is, and can be.

Spread the word. And perhaps in the future, I will post about my alternative words for everything from garments to women’s anatomy.

The Wicked Flee…

Well-known cuck Charlie Dent of Pennsylvania announced he is resigning in the next few weeks. He had previously announced he would not seek reelection in 2018.

Maybe he has a lucrative private sector gig calling his name. Maybe he wants to groom his replacement. Maybe he has a terminal illness (that one I could understand). But more likely, he is getting out before shit gets real. He is not the first, and probably will not be the last Republican swamp thing to run to the hills.

“The wicked flee when none pursue, but the righteous are as fierce as lions.”

-Proverbs 28:1

Drain. The. Swamp.

Liberals Love Human Trafficking

Keep telling us that PizzaGate is a crazy conspiracy theory.

Recently, the DOJ and several states went after Backpage, a prostitution site. Predictably, the Women’s March defended the site, saying that sex workers’ rights are women’s rights. I say predictably because whatever the moral position is in any situation, liberals will always oppose it.

Predictably, the site was readily linked not only to prostitution but to human trafficking, including trafficking and sex with underage victims. In fact, the guilty plea from Backpage came less than a week after The Golden Don signed a bill allowing states to more easily crack down on internet-based human trafficking and prostitution. As noted in the linked Daily Caller piece, Backpage was responsible for “the sex trafficking of innocent women and children through sites it ran for 943 locations in 97 countries and 17 languages. It was involved in 73 percent of all child trafficking cases reported to the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children.”

That liberals defended it is no surprise. Neither is it surprising that they created Backpage as well. The founders are Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin, who also founded the Village Voice, the notorious liberal shitrag. They are big critics of the Golden Don and huge proponents of “civil, human, and migrant rights” according to their Frontera Fund website. Go figure, they want people to be able to move freely, no doubt to facilitate their disgusting business practices.

That this site was able to advertise prostitution in plain view is bad enough. That it made possible the exploitation of unwilling sex “workers” is inexcusable. The guys who founded this (and apparently tried to distance themselves from financial liability) are big time liberal activists and fundraisers. I have no doubt that they probably provided the “entrees” for the “pizza parties” allegedly enjoyed by the satanic creatures who infest our nation’s capital.

Racism is Not a Political Ideology

The Left really wants it to be, so that should tell you something.

I will preface this post by making it clear that it is not another cuck-like “liberals are the real racists” post. They are, in the sense that they wish to commit genocide against White people, but not in the cuck sense, where the fake Right tries to claim Rosa Parks and Martin Luther King as their own. Digressions aside, my point is that disliking, even hating, people of a particular race is not something that constitutes a political ideology in and of itself and is not limited to one end of the political spectrum or the other.

Speaking of the political spectrum, I am sure most of you were taught, as I was, that as you get to the extreme left and extreme right, things are very similar. The example is the USSR on the Left and the Nazis on the right. This is total, absolute, stunning bullshit. It’s an attempt by the Left to incriminate the Right for shit the Left did. In other words, a classic frame job. The term Nazi is short for Nationalsozialistische Deutsche Arbeiterpartei, or National Socialist German Workers’ Party. Get that? Socialist Party. They were socialists. What made them different from Communists was that they did not want world wide socialism; they wanted it for themselves. The whole bit about racial purity was largely about deciding who was in the socialist nation and who was not. Like all socialists, they were of the Left. their hatred of the Jews in particular and other races generally (even other white people) was a factor used in determining who was in and who was out; the political platform was government control of industry and subjugating individual rights to the whole of the body politic. The opposite end of the spectrum would be a libertarian state.

Remember that Democrats were the party of Jim Crow, yet still espoused some degree of wealth redistribution, national healthcare, and stronger government regulation of everything all the while. Now, they have totally flipped the object of their hatred and support radical integration, but still favor redistribution and strong government control. Realistically, they do not even care about the integration that much, except that it is useful as a means of destroying private property and private enterprise. That is because non-Asian minorities are good at destroying economies and value. Sorry, it’s true. That, and they like to vote themselves other people’s money. Were it not for these qualities, liberals would have little use for them.

Remember, race and racism is largely a tool and not a program. Remember too that race realism is not the same as racism. It does not engender hate or a desire to destroy a people, just the recognition that people are different, that race exists, and that societies comprised of only one race are more harmonious than others. Keep this in mind, as clear thinking on race and its use in politics will help to defang our enemies. I suspect that most anti-Progs would not concern themselves with race if we lived in a homogeneous society; rather, we could focus on more important things, the kind that propel a society forward. I leave you with a thought to ponder: how much blood, treasure, time and energy would have been saved if the West had remained closed to third world immi-vaders?

Las Vegas Massacre Update

This piece was published at Milo’s new site, Dangerous, on April 10th. I promise, I did not read it before writing my entry on the Mandalay Bay Massacre.

Some ace reporting and connecting of dots by the author, Laura Loomer. She points out that ISIS claimed responsibility for the attack, and that law enforcement swiftly denied this. They denied it before even a preliminary investigation could be conducted, in fact. Almost as if they wanted there to be no ISIS connection.

She points out that several persons of interest in the case hailed from Mexico, specifically from a town in which ISIS was recruiting. Recall that witnesses to the shooting said that shortly before it started, a Hispanic woman told them that they were all going to die. The Mexico connection is not a conspiracy theory; members of Congress were briefed about it.

This corroborates that there is a tremendous amount of information in this case that not only has been kept from the public, but about which the public has been deliberately misinformed.

Mark my words, ISIS and Antifa are working together. The former are probably militarizing the latter. If that is the case, and I believe it is, we have a serious problem on our hands. Antifa does not have to lie on visa applications. They just have to put up posters on college campuses. They have cover from media outlets and the support of the Democrat party. They are going to become the Left’s brown shirts. We need to organize. Now. I for one do not plan on going the way of German Jews and Russian dissenters. I am going the way of the Adams boys, and if need be, Francis Marion.

There is No Republic

You need to recognize this.

Mueller was supposed to investigate the possibility that Trump colluded with the Russians to tamper with the election. After a year of him investigating, with the entire Deep State and its private sector accomplices like Facebook and the Media helping him, he has not found shit. He can’t, because it doesn’t exist. At this point, even making shit up won’t work. So he decided to raid Trump’s laywer’s office for documents about the Entertainment Tonight video and payments to megawhore Stormy Daniels.

First off, what in the actual fuck? Neither of those things are crimes. Secondly, even though he punted it to the New York office as it was not part of his investigation, it is obvious that they are looking for absolutely anything to bring down the Golden Don. Do not panic. I personally believe that Trump planned on running for president years ago, and that he has spent the time between his decision and his candidacy making sure there was precious little to dig up on him. But that is not the point.

The point is that he has grossly violated Fourth Amendment protections, while the Dems are trampling the First Amendment by allowing Google and Facebook to censor the fuck out of the Right Wing. They can do it and get away with it, because while the government cannot censor speech, private companies can. You have to bake wedding cakes for homos, but Facebook does not have to let you speak your mind on its platform. Got that? Different rules for different classes of people. Shut up and like it, deplorable.

The Constitution only grants rights as much as free men are willing to defend them. Right now, we still are able to lead nice, comfortable, middle class lives, so we just keep going along. Do not make that mistake. That’s the mistake Chamberlain and the Jews all made. Hitler spelled out exactly what he wanted to do in Mein Kampf. He made no secret about it, and used legal means combined with often-illegal subterfuge to gain power to execute his agenda. Likewise, the Left is open about what it wants to do.

Kill White people.

South Africa is just a test run to see what we do. The Afrikaaners are as good as dead. The Brits are next. Then the Germans and the French. Canada and Sweden are already done for. It does not have to happen, though. It can still be fixed. The first step is to accept reality.

You do not have rights. You cannot ever trust the government or its law enforcement divisions. Soon, you will not be able to trust the military. The Republic is over. We must be ready, and when the smoke clears and we have handled this threat, we need to build something stronger. But that is later. Perhaps our grandchildren will handle it. Right now, start by accepting reality.

This is not a free country, and the overlords want to enslave you or worse. Act accordingly.