Fun With Shitholes

Liberals aghast at the President’s remarks have some explaining to do.


No, this is not pornographic in nature. No, it probably isn’t safe for work. But here are some fun things you can do when you are at work and hear some dopey libtard virtue signalling about the Golden Don’s alleged “shithole” labeling.

  • Ask them where they went to college. Then ask them what would happen if their college took everyone who wanted to go there and had a lottery to allow in people based solely on the fact that there were not a lot of them.
  • Ask them where they would prefer to live, any country in Western Europe or any country in Africa.
  • If they are ranting that it was “unpresidential” to call these places shitholes, tell them you will happily refer to them as  “flyover countries.”
  • Ask them what they think of the states that voted for Trump. Then ask them if they would prefer to live in one of those states, or Haiti.
  • Ask them what is factually incorrect about the statement.
  • Ask them which is less presidential, calling a failed diversity state a shithole, or chewing gum at a memorial service at Normandy.

This is by no means an exhaustive list, but it should make things around the water cooler entertaining.

Trump and Durbin

FBI Hijinks

For all the Left’s scheming, they cannot produce anything substantive against the Golden Don.

Here’s what’s going on with Mueller’s Russia probe. A top DOJ attorney, Bruce Ohr, who was working on this case, had direct contact during the election with the cofounder of Fusion GPS. Additionally, his wife, Nellie Ohr, WORKED FOR Fusion GPS and helped on the totally bogus Trump dossier. We know for a fact that the Clinton campaign and the DNC paid for that fake dossier. The allegations that it was initially funded by a Republican have never been proven, and the media silence on the topic suggests that that is untrue.

Additionally, the FBI agent heading both the Clinton email investigation and the Trump investigation is an active anti-Trump partisan, as is his paramour and fellow FBI employee Lisa Page. Their recently released texts discuss them ostensibly meeting with Andrew McCabe, Comey’s second-in-command whose wife was a Democrat candidate for office in Virginia and who took large campaign funds from Clinton surrogate Terry McAuliffe. They also discussed an “insurance policy” against Trump and how Strzok was in a position to “protect our country.” They will undoubtedly say they were talking about campaign strategies, but that discussion dovetails with the dossier timeline.

The fake dossier was apparently the basis of the wiretaps on Trump Tower, and the start of this entire false investigation.

It has been revealed that Strzok also changed the wording in Comey’s memo on Hillary’s email scandal to language that would prevent her from being charged with a crime. Comey did not make Hillary testify under oath, did not record his interview, gave immunity to many of her underlings, and wrote the memo exonerating her before the interview. And of course, he and Mueller are the best of friends.

This whole thing stinks. It was an op, from start to finish. Anyone who believes this nonsense does so out of a hatred of Trump, not submission to evidence. It matters not, though. The Golden Don shall emerge victorious, with his enemies worse for wear.

Roy Moore’s Loss is not the End of the World

The Democrats’ glory will be as brief as it was overpriced.

Roy Moore lost what should have been a slam dunk for the Republicans. Democrats are ejaculating all over themselves and all over their boyfriends about this. Let them have their moment in the sun, because it is going to be short-lived.

If I’m not mistaken, this seat is up for regular election in 2018. The Democrats spent over four million dollars in outside our money on this special election. They went up against a deeply flawed, divisive candidate who was not president Trump’s first pick. Many of us were scratching our heads at why the president would back Luther Strange over Roy Moore, but perhaps now we know why. That should teach us to think that we know more than the Golden Don.

On top of his divisive personality and the allegations against him, Roy Moore had a relentless media onslaught against him at a time when there is a sexual harassment/sexual crime witch hunt going on. So, to recap, all the Democrats needed to do to win a seat they’re going to hold for about a year is spend millions upon millions of dollars, get the Republicans to run a deeply flawed candidate, and have a once-in-a-decade national witch hunt over a particular topic. In other words, that seat will go back to being red in about a year, and in the meantime will not seriously affect the balance of the Senate. Rest assured, Mo Brooks will be the senator from Alabama after the next regular election. He is a solid right winger, perhaps not the for that Roy Moore was, but definitely a smooth operator who is 100% on our side. There, that’s my Christmas present to you.

The Sex Scandal End Game

Where it all stops, nobody knows…

I wrote previously about the explosion of devout acolytes of the Church of Libtard being accused of sexual misconduct. While it has been a blast to watch, one has to wonder how it will end. There are several possibilities, all of which are great for our cause.

The first is that people on the Left who are mainly about virtue signaling and are not true believers see this for what it is, a sick culture that has protected sick individuals on one hand and a witch hunt on the other (there are undoubtedly some innocent victims in this). If they acknowledge this, they may realize that Leftist culture is the main ingredient in all this, and will start to distance themselves. This will only hasten the demise of the Left, as it will leave them with fewer free riders and reduce the Church of Libtard to only its strictest adherents, who will descend into hell accusing one another of a lack of faith and vigor.

Another possibility is that eventually all the dots will be connected, and the fallout will destroy the Left’s stranglehold on culture for good. What started as a Hollywood phenomenon with Harvey Weinstein has metastasized. It now includes media personalities, orchestras, Broadway, the music industry, and some political players large and small. Despite the media’s best efforts at suppression, it is widely known that Bill and Hillary both visited Jeffrey Epstein’s “Pedophile Island” aboard his “Lolita Express.” Undoubtedly, connections between the Media Industrial Complex and the Swamp will be forthcoming. When America sees how deeply connected the rapists, child molesters, and perverts in Hollywood are to our elected officials, we will see a populist revolt that makes Trump’s election look like a meeting of the local Rotarians.

Whether it’s one of these, neither of these, or some combination, the Media Industrial Complex is going to pay a price for covering this up for so long. It’s becoming increasingly clear, even to people who are nominally liberal, that the legacy media is not only partisan and full of shit, but that it has covered for the worst sort of people for a very, very long time. This is not going to be pretty, but rest assured, it can only help us as a movement and our people as a whole. Its benefits are not simply political; we do well to rip out this rot by the roots, to protect out women and children.

On Jewish Intellect

It’s a byproduct of the West.

Jews love to flaunt their intellectual achievements. I will not argue that Jews are often highly intelligent people who value education and intellectual discourse. This is indisputable. But to what extent do Jews owe their achievements to Europe? Answer: Completely.

Sephardic Jews, those in the Mediterranean and Middle East, are pretty trim on intellectual glory. Jews who remained in Palestine have done little of note, and represent the stupid section of Israel’s population. European-descended Jews, who have a preponderance of European DNA, are the breadwinners in the Jewish intellectual world. Undoubtedly, their European DNA is largely responsible for their brainpower.

Additionally, as Jews are quick to point out, they could not own land or work most trades in medieval times. Their entire population was devoted to urban service professions, like medicine, banking, and trade. These artificial restrictions no doubt had an effect on their reproductive selection. Europe forced them to devote their entire population to intellectual professions and breed to match.

Jews, contrary to popular belief, are not responsible for the bulk of Western scientific advancement. Not even a slim majority. The Scientific Revolution was largely a Christian, European affair. So after a relatively huge European population created the trend, laid the groundwork, and came up with the tools and methods of scientific discovery, Jews joined in on the fun. It was Christian European culture that created science and the bulk of its achievements. The Jews participated, as they always have, as a sort of outsider group working from within.

Jews now are often intellectually gifted, but they owe that to the West, just like they owe their homeland to the West as well. It’s about time more Jews started sticking up for the host that has sustained them so well for so long, as the Asians are not in the market for a self-rewarding subgroup and the Africans are even less so inclined.

Why Leftists Rape

Hint: for the same reason they are lefties.

My oh my, lots of Hollywood and Broadway’s social justice warriors are getting busted for being rapists, perverts, and creepers. I will not be surprised if a few cuck conservatives end up on the roster of those fallen from grace, but I seriously doubt there will be many men on the right caught up in it. Why? Because real men are inherently on the right, and real men have game. And game, for the uninitiated, means you do not get caught up raping, harassing, and being a creep, because you know how to handle yourself.

Think of these libtards. Harvey Weinstein, Joss Whedon, Matt Lauer, Al Franken. They are all pussy liberals who have no idea how women actually think, feel, and function. Consequently, before getting famous, getting laid was probably something they did only when Haley’s Comet came around or grandma put enough in their Christmas cards (or gave them enough Hanukkah gilt) to afford a hooker. So when they got into positions of power where they could get away with tons of disgusting behavior, they reacted like little weaklings always react, with greed, savagery, vengeance, and reckless abandon.

They were so used to getting nowhere with women that they just took what they felt they were entitled to have based on their wealth, prestige, and position. They whined like petulant children when they did not get it (listen to the video of Harvey Weinstein or the details of Al Franken’s assaults and you’ll see what I mean). Weak, worthless men think of sex with women like they do everything else: if they are not getting it, it’s because something is not fair.

Of course, nothing could be farther from the truth. Men love a high notch count in the pussy department. But every notch, for most women, represents a real sacrifice. Women, even after decades of leftist brainwashing, are still inherently selective about who gets access to their most precious commodities, which is to say their bodies as instruments of sex. Outside of a marriage contract, nobody is entitled to that. It has to be earned. Some may use charm and good looks, some may use power and prestige on women who are climbers and gold diggers, but regardless, no man is entitled to sex just because he is sucking air.

Contrast these losers with real men, men with game. If you study any of the various Pick-Up Artists (PUAs), like Mystery, Roissy, or Roosh, there are two key lessons you will learn early: escalation and how to handle rejection. The former boils down to not sticking a turkey in the oven until you’ve preheated it. You don’t just grab a woman and force yourself on her. You woo her. You do not need to hurry. Read some of their stuff. They rarely talk about sleeping with a woman the day they meet her or on a first date. There is no rush. It’s not about just getting laid. It’s about the process and actually enjoying a woman’s company. Modern men with game are as close to traditional courtship as it gets these days.

The second point is about rejection. The most alpha of men gets shot down sometimes. Let’s say you are making out with a woman and you go to put your hand on her rear end, breasts, or inner thighs. Without a word, she slides your hand back up to a less-sensitive position. Guys like Weinstein would get angry. A man who knows game just goes with it. It means she is not ready for that, and you respect the boundaries she sets. It’s her body, she’s the one with something to lose by granting access, so you move on her schedule. Practically speaking, if sex is the goal, acting like a spoiled brat is like pussy repellent. So you redouble your efforts to impress and entice so that she actually wants to let you go farther. Simple. Fair. Right. Moral. Of course, all of those terms are completely alien to the leftists who have been called out for their rapey behavior of late.

So if you wanted to know why you pretty much never hear credible allegations of rape or harassment against alt-right figures and a torrent of them against leftists, that’s why. Real men do not need to rape and harass because real men know how to achieve sexual ends through above-board means.

Brazile Ain’t Nuts

She’s crafty.

Donna Brazile, interim head of the DNC before someone to her left took over, claims that she was warned to guard herself after Seth Rich was murdered. She suspected the Russians were behind his murder, but says she was told by someone in the know that this was not the case. She also saw fit to bring up the topic of Seth Rich’s murder with Hillary Her Drunkenness, Cunt Cankles the First lost to our glorious Commander in Chief.

First off, Left still has ties to Russia from the days when they sided with the Soviets against freedom. If Brazile suspects them of killing Seth Rich, she is either trying to turn the Russians into an all-purpose boogey man (entirely possible) or she knows the DNC did something to piss off the Russians which led to them killing a DNC staffer. That’s not it though. Seth Rich was known to have been in communication with Wikileaks. That is almost certainly what got him killed.

Brazile also made it clear that the Clintons and Debbie Wasserman-Schultz were in collusion, and that the former dominated and abused the DNC. It is also plainly obvious that Bernie was right and the primaries were rigged.  Brazile is airing the Dem’s dirty laundry very publicly. What is old Donna getting at? She is trying first and foremost to cover her own ass. Secondly, she is trying to complete the party’s full and open embrace of communism. Thirdly, she is trying to exorcise the Clinton demons from the party. Brazile is pawning Right-wing media to accomplish her goal. While we gnaw on the Clinton bones she tosses us via Tucker Carlson, she is cleaning out the rot from the party to clear the way for new, more radical figureheads.

You might be thinking that is a good thing, because there is nothing worse than Hillary Clinton. But you know what’s worse? Socialists that are actually personable, without a history of corruption and vile behavior. Bernie Sanders may be a loser and a nut job, but he has personality and appeal, and a lot less corruption than most politicians. As much as I like seeing the Clinton machine break down and Her Drunkeness thrown under a rickety bus, that does not mean that this will necessarily shake out perfectly for our side. Donna Brazile is not all that competent of a political animal, but the idea of throwing the Clintons over the side is a smart move by the Left, the first they have made in some time.